Enjoying fish and southwestern rice for lunch today. #healthy #fit #lunch #instafitness #igfitgirls
miss-imperfectly-perfect-deacti: Hey Babe, just a reminder that there are random strangers on the net like me who care for you and worry about you if you're not feeling well. I'm really having a hard time too and I know you can do it... doesn't matter what the problem is you will make it! I belive in you, because you're awesome and strong and beautifull! Keep going! <3 <3 <3

Thank you dearie you are so wonderful! I appreciate people like you so much. I hope you’re doing okay remember that YOU are strong AND beautiful. You deserve happiness and a fulfilling life. Don’t forget I’m here!

I’m not really sure what I was going to post about….maybe the fact that I’m unsure of what to do or say at this exact moment in time but felt the need to express myself.

What is there to express you ask? Nothing. There is nothing to express.

My mind is empty and my thoughts are scarce. I’m falling, falling, falling into the abyss.

I’m itching, itching, itching to break free.

But I’m hiding, oh so hiding from what the unknown holds.

I’m holding onto only myself and to be quite frank there isn’t much strength to keep me a float.


That&#8217;s you all who responded to this question&#8230;.I definitely need to try harder in terms of letting my binge eating happen.

Binge eating will be my downfall. I sit in front of a tv and binge that’s what I do. It sucks because I want to enjoy television and what not but its hard when all I think about is eating.

What do you do to prevent binge eating episode ?

tanylocks: You're super adorable! (:

Thank you darling!